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This site was created for our private purposes. If we do not know you, do not try to register it is useless (we have a white list)

!!! Don't do anything before you read the instructions !!!

After logging in to KeyCloak, you will probably see a 403 Forbiden error, because KeyCloak, by default, redirect you to the admin console, I'll fix it later, just click on your profile in the top corner and select "Manage Account."

New users

  • Go to the registration page and sign up!
  • Use ONLY latin symbols in registration forms
  • Notify "you know who you are" after a successful registration or wait when I will be notified automatically.
  • Please be honest with your name and surname. Otherwise, we notify YOU or worse, you do not get access to our services.
  • Now you can use JupyterHub and NextCloud on both servers.
  • If you want to create a bookmarks in your browser, look up them under corresponding buttons. And remove old ones, of course.

Old users

(who use this servers before)

  • Same steps as for new users!
  • Your username MUST correspond with old one.

Available soon...